Care for Pandas, Care for Nature Students in Action

On the morning of August 21, 2013, two students Wang Qiyu and Li Zhaoji from Xi’an International Senior High School, arrived at the Chengdu Panda Base with a 19,731.6 RMB donation for the Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Foundation. During summer holidays, Wang and her friends organized a group of volunteers united by the slogan […]

Akzo Nobel Adopts a Giant Panda

The giant panda named Nikkens was formally adopted in July 17, 2013. The ceremony was held at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding. Akzo Nobel Car Refinishes (Suzhou) Co, Ltd. was the adopting organization. The operations manager, Mr. Wu Weiguang said, “We welcome panda Nikkens as the newest member of our big family. […]

Conservation Education at the Panda Base: Constant Action

For me, these scenes will always remain vivid in my mind. Children finding surprises along nature’s trails, a flower opening in the morning, a stream hidden in the grass, a pheasant poking its head into the soil and the footprints of an unknown animal. The serious expressions on children’s faces when they discover the source […]

Jiao Zi Gave Birth to Rare Triplets, One Survived

In August, San Er, one of Jiao Zi’s triplets, survived thanks to the efforts of giant panda experts and keepers at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding. At 17 days old, San Er weighed 329g and was in good health. However her mother’s health was threatened because of a long and difficult labor. […]

Su Su’s Biography

Giant panda Su Su was rescued on May 16, 1986 in Mabian county, Sichuan province, and transferred a few days later to the Chengdu Zoo. It is believed that she was born circa 1983, making her approximately 30 years old. She is one of five tricenarians in the captive panda population. Due to the lack […]

Panda Q&A Part 6

Q: At this time is the giant panda population shrinking? Is it under the risk of extinction in this century? A: The giant panda is really a strong species in terms of evolution. It survived the dreadful quaternary ice age while many species that lived during the same time-period have become extinct. This is why […]

A Breathtaking Moment on the Precipice

On the last day of our return journey from the Jiguan Mountains, we were traversing a diff estimated to be 90 degrees up and 50m in height. The path itself was only about 20cm wide and a torrent of water raged below us. I was the heaviest of our team, weighing 110kg, and my teammates […]

The Charm of Mountains

I traveled from Chengdu to Xiaojin to join the census team in May 2013. Throughout the course of my work, I climbed over the Balang Mountains and approached the snowline on Four-girl Mountains (locally known as Mount Siguniang),along the transect lines, that were pre-determined from a global positioning system (GPS). I had the great fortune […]

From Taciturn to Easygoing

I used to be shy and timid when I spoke to others, but the 4th National Giant Panda Census changed me. My University major was zoology, yet since childhood I was interested in plants, and during the census I was assigned to the biology group. Our role was to identify and recognize different plant species, […]

My Unforgettable Experience

In the course of the 4th National Giant Panda Census, there were innumerable stories that we continue to cherish tenderly in our minds. I remember Yingjingj a pilot site for the census, where the Paocaowan area possessed such a maze of a terrain that even we got lost and our guides did not know what […]