Giant Pandas in World War II

On September 1, 2015 the world marked in many different ways the 706 anniversary of the end of World War II. During this momentous occasion, several stories of the giant pandas that brought hope and consolation to war-torn people came to mind London dents were putting the finishing touches on their preparations for Christmas 1944 […]

Giant Panda’s Winter Habitat

The wind blew hard while the rain heavily poured and slowly turned into snow. We were at an altitude of 2,800m on Qinling Mountain ridge, Xingongling Mountain and Luban village, the summer habitat of giant pandas. As the weather becomes colder and food becomes scarce the pandas to their winter habitat in lower altitudes. We […]

Basi, The Giant Panda

Who is BaSi? BaSi(Ba Si) is a giant panda the age of 35, Ba Si’s age is equivalent to that of a human centenarian and she is the oldest living panda in Mainland China and world’s second oldest living giant panda. Ba Si’s life is nothing short of legendary as she has amassed an impressive […]

Storie of He Xin and Giant Panda

I am a huge fan of giant pandas and have traveled through a dozen countries with my beloved stuffed panda for company.I always thought my enthusiasm for pandas was impressive until I visited the village of Sanguanmiao in the Qinling Mountains and saw a surprising photograph. The old man in the picture is He Qinglin. […]

Panda Q & A

Q:Does a new born panda have an umbilical cord? A: All newborn giant pandas have umbilical cords just like mammals.While in its mother’s womb,the giant panda fetus obtains nutrients and oxygen via the umbilical cord.Immediately after birth,the mother panda bites off the umbilical cord and holds the cub close ti keep it warm.In captivity,veterinarians will […]

Biologist George B. Schaller in China

Christmas Eve at Baixiongping My Toyota land cruiser crawled along,enveloped by thick flakes of snow and powerful blasts of wind along the valley. Four days journey took me to the foot of Motian Mountain to the Baixiongping Observation Station of a the Reserve. This reserve lies between Sichuan and Gansu province and is the second […]