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One-day tour to Yingxiu and Shuimo Old Town


Chengdu—Yingxiu—Shuimo Old Town

At 8:00 in the morning, tourists start their trip from the hotel to Yingxiu Town. Tourists can visit Xuankou and the ruins of the middle school in earthquake, climb to Yuzixi Lookout and mourn in the cemetery of Wenchuan Earthquake on May 12. They can also visit the broken bridge in Baihua, and the source of Wenchuan Earthquake in Niumian Valley in Zhangjiaping (now not developed). During the trip they can appreciate the earthquake fresco and witness the ruined villages in Yingxiu on both sides of the road.

After lunch (not included) tourists will visit Shuimo Old Town—“the famous town in Xiqiang and the cultural old town”, with the unique Xiqiang characteristics. Next they visit Wannian Stage, the old stage in Ming Dynasty, Dafu Mansion in Qing Dynasty, Spring Breeze Pavilion (the name is from the poem of Wang Zhihuan, the poet in Tang Dynasty, “Qiang people do not have to blow flute with the melody of Zhe Yangliu, because spring breeze cannot reach Yumen Pass, which means people in border are with homesickness.), and Chanshou Old Street. After they finish visiting Shuiche Square, they can return Chengdu pleasantly.