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2-day tour to Xingwen Stone Forest and Shunan Bamboo Forest


Xingwen Stones: National Scenic Resort, National 4A Tourism Area, National Science and Education Base.

On January 19, 2004, Xingwen Stones was approved to be a National Geological Park by Homeland Resource Department. In 2004, it started to apply to be a World Geological Park. On February 14, 2005, it was approved to be a World Geological Park by UNESO. On March 6, 2009, it was regarded as “the most beautiful World Geological Park in China” by Chinese committee of Beautiful Scenery. Hu Yaobang, the previous CPC Central Committee General Secretary, came to Xingwen in 1983, and pleasantly inscribed “Wonder of the World” for Stones. Top Three Scenic Sites: Stones on Surface—Karst Wonder, the world’s largest karst funnel—world’s spectacle, and China’s largest natural cave with the longest route for tourists — Tianquan Cave.

Shunan Bamboo Forest: Key National Scenic Spot, 4A Tourism Spot, Top 40 Scenic Spot in China, World “Green Globe 21” Certification Resort, the most characteristic Top 10 Resorts in China, the most popular Top 10 Resorts in China, Top 10 Symbol Resorts in China, the most beautiful Top 10 Forests in China. Tourists can experience the infinite fun of “seeing bamboos, eating tender bamboos and play with bamboos” in Shunan Bamboo Forest.

Day 1: Chengdu—Xingwen Stones

At 7:30 tourists start from the hotel, pass by Nei River in Tian City, pass by Zigong (the city of lanterns, the county of dragons, and the town of salt), or Yibin in Yueshan, and finally arrive at Xingwen Stones the World Geological Park, the biggest area of Hmong Gathering in Sichuan. After lunch tourists can take sightseeing scoter to core spot to see the first scene—Stones on Surface, shocking “Couple Peak”, imaginary “Seven Fairies”, interesting “Turtle and Bear”, and see flocks of sheep going down the mountain with the herd. Then they can take sightseeing elevator to see the second scene, the world’s largest karst funnel. There are steep cliffs, dangerous mountains, flying eagles and forests. They can see the stockade and hanging coffins of Bo people inside Bo people relics. The most characteristic culture of Bo people is the cliff funeral with the hanging coffin as their representative. Why would they hang the coffins? Why did Bo people distinct abruptly?

Then they go to visit the third scene, China’s largest natural cave with the longest route for tourists — Tianquan Cave (for about 2 hours). They can see all the following spectacles: Qionglu Mansions, Pendulous Tree, Cruise Promenade tunnel listening to the touching ballad of Bo people, Galaxy Star World, Journey to the West, Crocodile Sipping Water, Peacock, collapsing mountain, Miao customs, marriage resort, Dharma Wall, ancient city of Loulan, marriage tree, Jade Pool Wonderland, Five Horses with One Tank, air cliff, abyss, charming Stones, Giant Frog Defensive Holes, Peace Dove, Skylights Wonders and other spectacles which are not developed so well. Finally they can take a sightseeing boat to get out of the cave.


Day 2: Shunan Bamboo Forest—Chengdu

After breakfast tourists go to visit the Color Waterfall with the height difference of more than 200 M. It is divided into four sections. They can visit the scene of rays shedding on the water cave (for more than 10 minutes), and take a bus to Zhaoying Pool (for about 1 hour) to boat. During their boating they can find the movie scene of Crouching Tiger, and listen to frog singing.

After that they can go to Xianyu Cave (for about 1 hour, the pearl in Bamboo Forest, and the Buddhism and Taoism Resort), to experience the spectacle of “one man stands, no one can conquer”, to see Tianbao Old Village (for about 1 hour built in late Ming Dynasty, and see Danxia Sculpture of ancient war art. When they finish, they can have a lunch (the special Bamboo banquet there).

After lunch they can go to the garden of bamboo “Bamboo Kingdom” (for about 40 minutes, which is a derivative attraction), to know about charcoal of “Black Diamond”, and natural bamboo fiber which is reported by Channel CCTV 7 and CCTV 2. Tourists can take photos at Bamboo Forest, with the background of Jade Gallery which is “deep red and as bright as rays”. They can take sightseeing cableway to see the whole view of Bamboo Forest, to experience the feeling of walking on the top of bamboo and the power of large area of bamboo, and they can also go to visit Bamboo Forest Museum, the first professional bamboo museum. This museum focuses on collecting, exhibiting, and protecting bamboo cultural relic, doing academic research and social education, with the aim of “tracking national culture of thousands of years, and displaying bamboo culture with history of thousands of years”. Inside of this museum, there are six halls, one bamboo garden and one bamboo workshop, respectively displaying the charming Bamboo Forest scenery, rich bamboo resources and photos of profound bamboo culture.  After that they will take bus to return Chengdu and finish their trip pleasantly.