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2-day tour in Tiantai Mountain of Qionglai and Pingle Old Town


Tiantai Mountain:

Tiantai Mountain is a part of Qionglai Mountains, located in Qionglai (the hometown of Wenjun), one of four old towns in Sichuan, 120 KM from Chengdu. When Dayu fought against the fierce flood, he built a stage to set offering to the Heaven, so it is called Tiantai Mountain. Tiantai Mountain is famous for its “unique mountains, grotesque stones, clear water and quiet woods”. In the scenic spot, the climate is mild, the year average temperature is 16 degrees, and the forest coverage is 94.4%. In winter, thousands of high-mountain wild camellia on Taintai Mountain put into blossom continuously, with bright colors, red, white, which makes a beautiful picture. These camellia are mainly in Jiuzhai Valley, Xiangcao Valley, Sanyun and other 10 tourist attractions. The camellia on Tiantai Mountain have their own features, and their florescence is very long, usually from November to May next year. During this period, all kinds of flowers put into blossom one after another, colorful and charming, which is really magnificent. The camellia’s average age is long, and it covers large area. And also it is close to the downtown. Now camellia has been listed to be as one of eight flowers in Chengdu.

Pingle Old Town:

Pingle Old Town is one of ten old towns in Sichuan, famous for the style of “the culture in Qin and Han Dynasty, the water town in west Sichuan”. The unique layout of “one river divided into three sections” makes Pingle have the bright cultures and unique architecture under the influence of Baimo River. The local flavor like noodles with milk soup, Bobo chicken, sesame cracks and ginger candy is well-known.


Day 1: Chengdu—Tiantai Mountain

At 8:00 in the morning, tourists start their trip, along ChengwenQiong highway, and arrive at Qionglai Mountain Taintai scenic spot. They should take sightseeing car from the parking lot to the spot. After lunch, they will visit Leiyin Temple and Insect Museum (specimens of butterflies and beatles), and they can do water skiing, draw bamboo raft, play water swing, water ladders and water tankers, drive water bumper cars and play water speed skiing, etc). Also they can play in streams of vanilla and dragon waterfall.

Accommodation: the halfway of Tiantai Mountain

Day 2: Tiantai Mountain—Chengdu

At 8:00 in the morning, tourists start their trip and begin visit Deity Bee Cave, Xiangshuitan Waterfall (the first waterfall in west Sichuan), Changhong Waterfall and Phoenix Waterfall. And then they can continue to experience the unique peaks, grotesque stones, quiet forests and clear water on Tiantai Mountain.

After that, they can go to Pingle to have lunch. After lunch, they will relaxingly visit Pingle Old Town, the first town in south Sichuan. Also they will see Leshan Bridge, old banyan and old streets.

Finally they return Chengdu and finish their trip pleasantly!