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One-day tour in Sanxingdui Museum and Panda Base


  • See giant panda in different periods, from baby to young to adult
  • See giant panda at different status like eating, sleeping, playing or climbing
  • Treasure from the mythical Shu Kingdom with thousands of gold, bronze, jade, and pottery artifacts
  • An archaeological site and the previously unknown Bronze Age culture
  • Hotel pickup and drop-off included


At 7:30 in the morning, tourists start their trip from the hotel to Panda Base (around 30 minutes).

Chengdu Panda Breeding and Research Base is 4A national scenic spot, is the winner of UN’s top environmental prize “Global 500”, is national popular science education base, is national youth science and technology education base, is the postdoctoral workstation and demonstration base of international cooperation in science and technology, and is one of new tourist attractions in Chengdu. Panda Base is the world-level breeding and research institution to save the endangered species of wild animals, which can be called “the home of the panda”. They can also visit Big Panda Museum, Butterfly Museum, Small Panda Museum, Outdoor Area of Panda and Mater Room of Panda, etc. After that tourists go to Sanxingdui, located in riverside of Xiyazi in Guanghan Town, the historical and cultural town. They will have lunch at around 12.

After lunch tourists will visit Sanxingdui Museum (around 2 hours). The reason why it is called Sanxingdui is because that there are three piles of yellow mud on Chengdu Plain. Sanxingdui Museum is a modern theme museum of relics in China, and is the relics of Bronze Age in southwest China. Two offering caves in Shang Dynasty were discovered and thousands of precious treasure were open to the public. Bronze Deity Tree, Gold Stick and Bronze Man Sculpture are all top of the world. Meanwhile the discoveries also made the history of ancient Shu State 5000 years ago. Sanxingdui is one of cultural relics which are with the highest value of history, science, culture and art, and are the most worthy place to appreciate. At around 16:30, tourists will return back hotel.

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