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Photography to Siguniang, Danba, Hailuogou and Niubei Mountain

Day 1: Chengdu

Tourists arrive at Chengdu and are arranged to go to hotel.

Accommodation: Chengdu

Day 2: Chengdu—Rilong Town

At 7:30 in the morning tourists start their trip, pass by Dujiangyan, the national scenic spot, drive upward along Min River, and enjoy the Min River landscape during the trip. They will pass the epicenter of Wenchuan Earthquake on May 12, to visit the earthquake site, and along No. 303 provincial road, and arrive at Wolong to have lunch. Wolong was the base place to produce national treasure—panda.

After lunch tourists will go upward along Wolong Valley. They should climb over Balang Mountain (4532 M), to enjoy the meadow and experience the wonderful scenery of the mountain. You can see the whole view of Mount Siguniang from Maobiliang in good weather.

Accommodation: Rilong

Day 3: Changping Valley—Rilong

After breakfast, tourists enter Lama Temple in Changping Valley by car, where they can choose to enjoy the Changping Valley landscape by walking or riding horse (not included). Changping Valley is located in east of Shuangqiao Valley, 29 KM long in total and covering 100 square KM. it is not only a beautiful natural scenic spot and also a valuable historical site of ancient war battle. During the period of Qianlong in Qing Dynasty, soldiers from Qing court started two battles when they conquered Jinchuan. We cannot find the relics of the old battle field, but we can still imagine the sword and cannon at that time. Inside of the valley there are many Tibetan villages, Guozhuang Stage (Tibetan people will hold sacrifice ceremony every year) of Mount Siguniang at the bottom of the valley, and Lama Temple. People who are in good physique can walk to Muluozi and return back.

Accommodation: Rilong

Day 4: Rilong—Jiaju

After breakfast, tourists leave Rilong go to and visit Shuangqiao Valley scenic spot. Mount Siguniang scenic spot is combined by Shuangqiao Valley, Changping Valley and Haizi Valley. Shuangqiao Valley is over 30 KM long, which is the earliest developed valley with the most complete infrastructure. The scenic spot are mainly snow-capped peaks, pasture, meadow and forests, which is the most beautiful valley in Mount Siguniang. Tourists can visit Shuangqiao Valley for around 3 hours, after that they can go to Xiaojin to have lunch.

In the afternoon they will go to the most beautiful Tibetan village in Danba—Jiaju Tibetan Village, to appreciate the architecture wonders of Tibetan Jiarong. If tourists arrive there earlier, our guide will take you to find those very special photography spots.

Accommodation: Jiaju Tibetan Village (several people a room, few double rooms for the old and women, equipped with solar water heaters)

Day 5: Jiaju—Moxi

After getting up tourists can take photos of Danba in haze, and take some photos of beauties in Danba for souvenir! After that they will leave Jiaju, and appreciate ancient watchtowers on Suo Slope in Danba across Dadu River. Then along Dadu River and Dadu Valley, they arrive at Luding County, where they can have lunch and visit Luding Chain Bridge conquered by Red Army.

In the afternoon tourists will arrive at Moxi Town in Hailuo Valley and stay in the local motel. If you arrive there earlier, we can take you to photograph in Yajiageng. Yajiageng is also a part of Gongka Mountain national scenic spot, and is the boundary mountain between Kangding and Luding County. Stones here will get rusty! There are also lush forests and high-mountain lakes. After visiting, tourists will return back Moxi Town (Moxi—Hongshitan, 2 hours needed, if arriving Moxi late than 15:00, this plan cancelled).

After dinner you can choose to enjoy the famous Gonka hot spring in Hailuo Valley (expense not included). This natural hot spring from glaciers can help you relax, and can make you feel the wonders and spectacles of nature. Gonka hot spring is at 1580 M, which is the lowest and best glacier hot spring among high-mountain springs in China.

Accommodation: Moxi

Day 6: Hailuo Valley—Moxi

After breakfast tourists should take sightseeing car (expense not included) to Ganheba cable station after passing No. 3 Camp Site, and then they can choose 3 ways to see the glaciers:

  • You can take the cable to across the glaciers and go to the No. 4 Camp Site to see glaciers. The tickets are expensive, round tickets for 150 per person (not included, only round tickets offered), but it is easier.
  • You can walk to the glaciers: you can take sightseeing car from No. 3 Camp Site to Cable Tickets, and walk along the sightseeing path to lookout. This needs half hours to 1 hour for one-way walking. While walking, you can go through original forests and enjoy the beautiful scenery. When you arrive at the lookout, you can also walk deep down the glaciers, to see them closely. However, walking is very tired, and needs a lot of time
  • You can also take the slider which is only in Sichuan to arrive at the lookout, and enjoy the scenery while walking. This way is not so tired, so it is suitable for those who are in weak condition and senior people. You can take the slider section by section, and the expense is from CNY 20 to 80 (not included). After visiting, tourists can take sightseeing car back Moxi Town and stay there at night.

Accommodation: Moxi

Day 7: Moxi—top pf Niubei Mountain

After breakfast, they can leave Moxi, and arrive at Lengzi along Dadu River Valley. They can take the local SUV (not included) to arrive at the peak of Niubei Mountain. Although it is only 44 KM long from Lengzi to Niubei Mountain, it takes 3 to 5 hours, and tourists should get off the car to walk at some sections. You can imagine the bad road condition. So we do not recommend you drive your own cars to Niubei Mountain. Maybe your driving skills are good, but your car cannot afford the bad road condition. After arriving at the top of the mountain, you can enjoy the beautiful sunset and a crazy night! You can enjoy the delicious food, see beautiful scenery, talk with beautiful tourists and enjoy interesting games.

Accommodation: the simple shed on top of Niubei Mountain (several people a room)

Day 8: Top of Niubei Mountain—Chengdu

The sun rise from the east, and Niubei Mountain is at east side of Gonka Mountains, so it is necessary to get up early to take good photos! After finishing photographing, tourists can return back. About 3 hours later they can arrive at the foot of the mountain, and return Chengdu after passing by Ya’an.