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2-day tour in Jianmen Pass and Langzhong Old Town


  • To experience the long and extensive Three Kingdoms Culture
  • To experience the powerful atmosphere of “one man stands, no one conquers”
  • To visit Langzhong, the fourth water town
  • To taste delicious food of “three tops in Langyuan” and “Jianmen Tofu”
  • To sigh the hanging glass observe stage of “the second in the world and the first in Asia”

Day 1: Chengdu—Guangyuan

At 7:30 in the morning, tourists start from the hotel to Langzhong Old Town, one of four old water towns in China and national 5A scenic spot. (3.5 hours of driving)

After lunch, tourists step on the quartzite path and begin their relaxing trip in Langzhong. They can visit national heritage conservation unit—Hanhuanhou Temple (Zhangfei Temple), where they can follow Zhangfei’s footprints, and they can visit the imperial resort and the biggest museum in China—Sichuan Gongyuan (the examination house in Qing Dynasty). Inside the building, they can learn the development of ancient imperial examination. When they are in the house of creating scholars, they can understand the imperial system with the history of thousands of years, to learn the disadvantages and interesting things of it, or they can truly experience the whole process of the examination.

When they step on the stairs, they arrive at the landmark of the old town—Zhongtian Hall. They can closely view Langzhong’s geomancy layout of “Tianxin Shidao” (a term from geomancy, which means with the core of Langzhong, there are symmetry mountains surrounded). They can experience the mysterious geomancy culture. They can climb to the highest building in north Sichuan—Huaguang Building, to give a bird view of the town of over 2300 years of history. Geomancy Museum is the only tourist attraction with the theme of architecture geomancy. It is divided into five functional area such as museum, temple, teaching house, rest station and mascot. With the main deeds of Yi and Bu, Wen Temple displays Confucius’ whole life and main achievements. After that, they can take bus to Jianmen Pass (1.5 hours of driving).

After dinner they can enjoy the international-class hot spring bath in Jianmen Pass.

Accommodation: Jian Pavilion

Day 2: Guangyuan—Chengdu

After breakfast, at 7:30 in the morning tourists should take bus to Jianmen Pass scenic spot (3.5h). Jianmen Pass is known as its “powerful pass and Sichuan road in the world”, and is also the important fortress and protection pass of Sichuan which is also famous for the splendid, steep, quiet and magnificent historical scenery. Tourists can choose to take cable car (one-way, CNY 0 per person) or walk to the top of Jianmen Pass, where there is a hanging glass lookout which is placed as “the second position in the world and the first position in Asia”. Tourists can see 72 peaks in Jianmen Pass, view from long distance Dajian Mountain, experience the unique, dangerous and spectacular scenery of Jianmen Pass, and challenge their courage. They can also walk down the bird way of Jianmen to experience the feeling of “the mountainous path is really difficult to walk in Shushan, and maybe it is more difficult than fly to the sky”. Then they can walk by the wooden plank, cross Leiming Bridge, see Jiangwei Sculpture, climb Jianmen Pass Pavilion, and experience the splendid mind of “as long as one man stands for the pass, no one can conquer it, though there are hundreds of thousands of soldiers”. After the legend trip in Jianmen Pass, tourists can taste the famous Jianmen Tofu for lunch.

After the legend trip in Jianmen Pass, tourists return Chengdu and finish their trip.