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Huangze temple and Jianmenguan pass in guangyuan

Day 1: Chengdu—Guangyuan

At 7:30 in the morning tourists from the hotel start the trip of pursuing “Legend Wumeiniang” during Three Kingdoms Period and stories about Three Kingdoms. They should take bus along Chengmian highway to Guangyuan—the hometown of the Queen.

After lunch, tourists can visit Huangze Temple of Wuzetian, the only female emperor in China (1.5h), to listen the story about “to be pregnant by the black dragon and to be born with phoenix”, to learn the whole unusual life about the female emperor, and to search the only picture of her. In Huangze Temple, now there are Zetian Hall, Big Buddha Hall, Relief and Sculpture of Tomb in Song Dynasty, Cansang Twelve Things Monument, Guangzheng Monument, Remember Monument of Guangyuan Mansion and other sites. Then tourists should take bus to the national 4A scenic spot, as well as the most reserved old town in Three Kingdoms Period in China, which is also called Zhaohua Old Town (2h). Zhaohua Old Town has been regarded as “the first county and the second city in Sichuan” in the history, located in the meeting point of Bailong River, Jialing River and Qing River, which is known as the “Top Landscape in the world” for its spectacular natural scenery.  Tourists will visit the restored Wen Temple, Kaopeng, Zhaohua County, Jinghou Temple, Jiandaoba, Junchen Park and other historical buildings during Three Kingdoms Period. When you wander the old city gates, old streets, old walls, and old yards, you can truly enjoy the relaxing experience in old towns of Three Kingdoms.

Accommodation: Guangyuan

Day 2: Guangyuan—Chengdu

After breakfast, tourists should take bus to Jianmen Pass scenic spot (3.5h). Jianmen Pass is known as its “powerful pass and Sichuan road in the world”, and is also the important fortress and protection pass of Sichuan which is also famous for the splendid, steep, quiet and magnificent historical scenery. Tourists can choose to take cable car (one-way, CNY 0 per person) or walk to the top of Jianmen Pass, where there is a hanging glass lookout which is placed as “the second position in the world and the first position in Asia”. Tourists can see 72 peaks in Jianmen Pass, view from long distance Dajian Mountain, experience the unique, dangerous and spectacular scenery of Jianmen Pass, and challenge their courage. They can also walk down the bird way of Jianmen to experience the feeling of “the mountainous path is eally difficult to walk in Shushan, and maybe it is more difficult than fly to the sky”. Then they can walk by the wooden plank, cross Leiming Bridge, see Jiangwei Sculpture, climb Jianmen Pass Pavilion, and experience the splendid mind of “as long as one man stands for the pass, no one can conquer it, though there are hundreds of thousands of soldiers”. After the legend trip in Jianmen Pass, tourists can taste the famous Jianmen Tofu for lunch.

In the afternoon tourists return Chengdu and finish their trip.