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Daocheng – Aden(Yading) 3-Day Tour (Round Trip by Air) 


Haizishan Natural Reserve: the largest relic of ancient glacier on Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, AKA “Ancient Icecap in Dao Cheng”

Dao Cheng Scenic Area: cedar and polar forest, red grassland, plateau wetland, river valley, Cuckoo Valley, alpine flowers, and snow-capped mountains

Aden Scenic Area: regarded as the last Shangri-La

It is a comprehensive trip of adventure, outdoor activities, sightseeing and entertainment.


Day 1: Chengdu—Daocheng Yading(Aden) airport

Tourists start from Chengdu airport at 6: 50 in the morning and arrive at Daocheng Aden airport after one hour. After pick-up, tourists will be arranged to visit Haizishan Natural Reserve, which is the largest relic of ancient glacier on Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, also known as “Ancient Icecap in Dao Cheng”. Inside the scenic spot there are 1145 lakes in total. High-mountain lake is called Haizi by Tibetan people, so it is also known as Haizishan. The landscape of Haizishan is very unique such as rock stream, rock glacier and various glacier rock basins (Haizi) composed of large and small granite boulder (gravel). There are no trees, rivers or even grass, almost as wild as the surface of Mars.

Then tourists continue to go on a pilgrimage to Bengpu Temple in Sangdui. Bengpu Temple is the oldest Kagyupa temple in Dao Cheng, belonging to Tibetan Buddhism 30 KM from the county, 3940 M above sea level, with the history of 900 years. After lunch, tourists can enjoy the landscape of Bang River and hundreds of thousands of hectares of green polar forest in Dao Cheng. These polar trees like soldiers guard Bang River and protect Shangri-La of paradise. In spring, the rippling river makes a beautiful spring. In autumn, the river is as brilliant as clouds, like the golden light spreading the ground, which is in fact a perfect nature picture without any decoration. After that, tourists can go sightseeing for landscape of Sela meadow, climb Bowa Peak, appreciate charming scenery of Chitu Valley and arrive at the hotel in Shangri-La.

Accommodation: Shangri-La Town


Day 2: Shangri-La Town—Yading scenic spot

After breakfast, tourists can take a bus directly from hotel to management station in scenic area, and enter into Yading core scenic area from Zha Guanbeng (more than 30 KM in total, around 1.5 hours of car driving) by transferring sightseeing car (CNY 120 per each, paid by tourists themselves). Then walking several minutes to Chonggu Temple, tourists can appreciate natural Chonggu grassland composed of meadow, forest, stream and piles of Mani, and visit the deity mountain, Xian Nairi (The meaning of Arya Avalokiteshvara, 6032 M). Tourists can walking appreciate Pearl Lake (means Dromarazo in Tibetan) at the foot of Mount Xian Nairi (3 KM from Chonggu Temple to Pear Lake, 2 hours of walking). Here is the best place to enjoy Mount Xian Nairi. It is said that Pearl Lake was the dressing mirror of the fairy. The beautiful Dromarazo is like a green gem decorated on Lotus Throne. Around the lake, there are towering and green trees, and the lake with rippling blue waves is wonderful to visit.

Next tourists can take scooter (around 6.5 KM, 2 hours of walking) or walk from Chonggu Temple to Luorong Pasture. While climbing the mountain, tourists can see the deity mountain, Charlot Dorji (means Vajrapani Bodhisattva, 5958 M) and Yang Maiyong (means Bodhisattva Manjusri, 5958 M) from long distance, and appreciate wild animals, high-mountain flowers, snow-capped mountains, forests, glaciers, lakes and rivers. They can experience the natural interests of harmonious relationship between human and nature, resonating with the deity mountain and holy water, drowning in the dreamland to their heart’s content. Then they will walk away the last Shangri-La–Yading step by step, out of scenic spot about 6 PM, and take a bus to the hotel in Dao Cheng. After dinner, they can head to enjoy the original sulphurfree hot spring (CNY 20 per person, paid by tourists themselves) in Chaka Village to wash away their exhaustion.

Accommodation: Dao Cheng County

Day 3: Daocheng—Chengdu

After breakfast, tourists can take a bus to Yading airport, return back by air and finish their pleasant Yading trip!