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2-day tour to Dagu Glacier and Pingtou Qiang Village


  1. The highest cableway in the world
  2. The scenic spot with the highest altitude in Sichuan (4860 M)
  3. The most famous modern glacier 200,000 years till now
  4. Original Tibetan macaque (usually appear in spring and autumn)
  5. Pingtou Qiang Village


Day 1: Chengdu—Heishui

In the morning tourists start from Chengdu, enter Aba Prefecture after passing by Dujiangyan, pass Yingxiu, Wenchuan, and Mao County, and see the influence of Min River ecological area done by Wenchuan Earthquake on May 12 from the bus. Under the help of other provinces, we can see people in disaster with big resolution to rebuild their home, and witness row of buildings springing up like mushrooms after the rain. At noon we will have lunch in Mao County, and after lunch they can visit Pingtou Qiang Village in Mao County (for more than 1 hour). After that we will go to Heishui County to check in and visit freely.

Accommodation: Heishui County

Day 2: Dagu Glacier—Chengdu

After breakfast tourists visit Dagu Glacier area. we will take sightseeing car to visit Gold Monkey Lake, enter Tibetan area to wander the ancient village of the first section, the second section and the third section. We also visit Living Lake, Red Army Lake. After enter high-mountain pasture area, we can visit Deity Cow Lake and Dagu Lake. Then go to cable station to take sightseeing cable car with the highest altitude in the world (Ps: we can give a bird view of Sun Moon Lake in Dongcuo, cloud sea on glaciers, East Gate and other spots.). When arrive at the glacier of 4850 M, stay with the wide and quite snow world, see No. 1 Glacier, and experience the powerful atmosphere of “standing on the highest mountain to view everything under their feet” (for more than 4.5 hours).

After finish the visiting, we drive back to Chengdu and finish the trip pleasantly!