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2 days tour to Bamboo Forest and Shengling Mountain Cave

Highlights: The movie scene of Crouching Tiger, Bamboo Forest in south Sichuan and Shengling Mountain Cave

Day 1: Chengdu—Bamboo Forest in south Sichuan

In the morning: Chengdu—Neijiang—Yibing

At noon: lunch

In the afternoon: tourists take a bus to the national scenic spot “Bamboo Forest in south Sichuan”, and appreciate the Yu River landscape which is “not Li River but is more beautiful than it”. We can visit Troublefree Valley (for more than 1 hour), to feel the quite road in lush forest with the history of thousands of years. We take a bus from Huanshan Road to the middle mountain of Bamboo Forest to climb Guanhai Pavilion, to take photos of Jade Gallery which is deep red and as bright as illuminating rays (for more than 20 minutes). After that We can visit Xianyu Cave (“the pearl in Bamboo Forest, the cultural resort of Buddhism and Taoism), to experience the spectacles of “one man stands, no one can conquer”; We can appreciate Tianbao Old Village built in late Ming Dynasty (for more than 1.5 hours), Danxia Stone Scripture with 36 Ways of ancient war art. After dinner We will check in hotel.

Day 2: Bamboo Forest in south Sichuan—Chengdu

In the morning: tourists go to Zhaoying Pool, the movie scene of Crouching Tiger, to listen to the songs from frogs (free activities for 1 hour). After that We take a bus to visit Qicai Waterfall with the height difference of more than 200 M (for more than 1 hour). This waterfall is divided into four sections, and tourists can enjoy the great wonder of colorful rays hanging on the mouth of the water cave.

At noon: lunch (authentic bamboo banquet in Bamboo Forest)

After lunch tourists go to Shengling Mountain area, the longest cave in Asia. We can cross Champion Bridge, see the Scripture which is like looking for lover, and worship Bodhisattva there. After that We can enter the cave to enjoy the scenery of ladders, 13.8 KM long in total. There are charming natural scenes 650 million years ago: Welcome Towers, Guifei Pool, Dizangwang Bodhisattva, Natural Salt Pond, Rugged Mountain Path, Giant Footprints, Oriental Huge Dragon, Mochou Lake, Woman Mochou, Zodiac, Seven Fairies down to earth, the First Whip in the world, the Holy Spirit Torch, Confucius Asking Music, Towers in the Cave, and Ruyi Jingu Stick (for more than 2 hours). After We go out of the cave, We will return Chengdu and finish their trip pleasantly.