It is said that weather in Qingcheng quick temper. I have no other comment to make but; is nature not cultivated enough.

The truck brings me into the reintroduction fore I can get an idea of this new home of mine, a shower pours down to greet me- I am overwhelmed by such hospitality that comes to hail me, waterfalls rush off roofs’ eaves and miniature rivers break up the ground.

The showers care for nothing;from time to time cautious enough; as my footsteps fall, there is no hint of masculinity. The wanton wind arrogantly is blows rampantly and laughs at my clumsiness. My previous easy and comfortable life, dismayingly deserts me, and I am left embarrassed at being so vulnerable.

I have grown accustomed to the regular captive life in the concrete and barred pen; nothing has ever stimulated my heart to a violent thump. Yet now suddenly released to the wild, with no easy life in the future;I have to be dashing and daring.

It is good for me to leave the besieged city. As there is rain, so there will be sunshine, in which my wet heart will be sunned.

Go to drink the spring of wisdom, and the dew on the tip of grasses; let humanity be reintroduced to human beings and it will find it has a wild conscience, green land that can save the world, and let human life be “reintroduced” to nature.

The innocent-looking panda chuckles, he is laughing at my eventual awakening. I wave good-bye to him, hands not lifted.