Quality, hand-picked accommodation

We use our local knowledge and expertise to hand-pick each of our hotels personally.

Low price guaranteed

great deals, guaranteed low prices.

24/7 support with a live person

Reply within 1 working day, 24/7 Email and phone support.

Local Expert

Your Trave consultants, tour guides and drivers are born and raised exactly in the regions where you visit. They know their regions like the back of their hands. They know giant panda’s habitat, they will tell you how they enjoy the festivals of Tibetan and Qiang people. They can take you to good places to eat and and to buy local handicrafts. They are the most precious wealth of Sichuanfun.


Change and cancel your travel free of charge, as long as you notify us 72 hours ahead of your scheduled departure.

Exceptional local experiences

We believe that to travel is not only sightseeing but also to meet people and do things that you can’t do at home. Our local consultants will help you to do a Family visit, to join in a panda volunteer program, to cook Sichuan cuisine. That will be your unique and personal experience.