Responsible Travel:

We respect these differences of local culture, lifestyle and custom. We encourage our guests joining into the local culture and environment.

We encourage our guests to learn some simple phrase or words, like “hello”, “please”, “Thanks” and “can you help me” etc. it will help to communicate with local people, meet and get along with new friends.

We minimize the negative impact on environment and social culture, and maximize the positive impact.We are trying to make our visit to bring increased revenue opportunities for local people, and make the positive impact of the local people:

  1. We cooperate with the local service providers like local porters and handicraftsmen.
  2. We also choose to stay in local guest houses.
  3. Buy food and other commodities at the local supermarket or shops.
  4. We encourage customers to buy handicrafts directly from local craftspeople to bring them incomes.

In the office:

We are increasingly using computer technology, and two-sided printing internal documents to reduce paper consumption.